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Dr. Timothy Addison

Tim Addison, PhD
Dr. Timothy Addison

Timothy Addison (PhD in Organizational Psychology) taught for the University of Phoenix; the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY; and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Major: United States Army Reserves, Research Psychologist.

Since 2012, as a dissertation/thesis coach, Tim collaborates with clients (graduate students) to:

  • Define study objectives and state the problems and/or questions to be answered
  • Define statistical hypotheses
  • Delect an appropriate study design
  • Perform power analysis for best sample size
  • Design surveys or questionnaires for multiple industries, with an emphasis on Likert-scaled instrumentation
  • Clean client-collected data and run descriptive statistics in SPSS
  • Perform inferential analyses in SPSS
  • Provide factor analysis and reliability testing in SPSS to assure client’s instrument is measuring succinct factors
  • Review the student’s statistical reports
  • Prepare the student for the preliminary and final defense

Dr. Monica Branson

Dr. Monica Branson
Dr. Monica Branson

University Graduate Collegiate Faculty — Health Care Administration, Department of Business and Management

30 years of experience teaching the skills necessary for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and professional students to succeed in health, business and teaching/research-related fields

Research Consultancies:

Health Resources Service Administration
National Center for Health Statistics
American Council on Education
American College of Cardiology
National Cancer Institute
Survey Research Associates
National Reading Resource Center
Howard University Violence Prevention Program
National Institutes of Health
National Center for Research Resources
Maryland Foundation-Montgomery County Head Start Program


Presidential Award for distinctive contributions through regular and active involvement in programs, activities, and projects
Save Our Students award for online teaching at American Intercontinental University
Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence award
MBA Excellence Award

Dr. Linda Deacon

Statistical Analysis and Interpretation | APA Formatted Tables and Figures | Survey Instruments

Dr. Linda Deacon
Dr. Linda Deacon

Psychology, Medicine, Nursing, Theology and Sociology

Linda Deacon has served as an independent statistical consultant since 1985. She has coordinated the data management and statistical analysis of state and federally funded longitudinal and multi-center research. She has co-authored several articles published in the fields of medicine and psychology and has assisted in the editing of statistical textbooks and documentation for statistical software. She has designed and assisted in the development of survey instruments currently in use at various medical centers, universities and county regional centers. She regularly advises doctoral candidates on the formulation, statistical analysis and interpretation of research hypotheses.

Survey design, formulating hypotheses, content organization, data analysis, results analysis, graphs and tables, PowerPoint presentations.

Dr. Janine Morris

Dr. Janine Morris
Dr. Janine Morris

Dr. Janine Morris received her M.S. in statistics from Stanford University and her Ph.D. in health services research from Boston University.

Over the last 10 years, she has served as a statistician for several hospital and academic settings, providing study design and statistical support for graduate students, medical residents, research fellows, nurses, public health officials, and junior investigators conducting clinical, translational, social, and behavioral research.

Janine has worked in a wide array of health related fields, including public health, outcomes research, health policy, quality of care, health economics, orthopaedics, pediatrics, adolescent medicine, mental health, infectious disease, alcohol and substance abuse, tobacco use, cardiac surgery, arthritis, dentistry, neurology, nursing home performance, and occupational health.

Dr. Richard Pollard

Dr. Richard Pollard
Dr, Richard Pollard

Psychology, Sociology, Management, Leadership, Organization Development, Organizational Behavior, Cross-Cultural Management/International Business

Richard Pollard (Ph.D. Harvard University) has held professorships at Northeastern University, University of Arizona, and Lewis & Clark College. He has served as chair or reader on numerous doctoral dissertations in management, organizational development, leadership, nursing, homeland security, and social/environmental sustainability.

He designed the doctoral programs at Colorado Technical University and served as the founding Chancellor of CTU’s Institute for Advanced Studies, where he oversaw all dissertation chairs and readers. He has taught statistics and research methods at all levels from undergraduate through doctoral.

His primary areas of expertise include organizational behavior, organization development

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