Dr. Monica Branson

Dr. Monica Branson

University Graduate Collegiate Faculty — Health Care Administration, Department of Business and Management

30 years of experience teaching the skills necessary for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and professional students to succeed in health, business and teaching/research-related fields

Research Consultancies:

  • Health Resources Service Administration
  • National Center for Health Statistics
  • American Council on Education
  • American College of Cardiology
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Survey Research Associates
  • National Reading Resource Center
  • Howard University Violence Prevention Program
  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Center for Research Resources
  • Maryland Foundation-Montgomery County Head Start Program


  • Presidential Award for distinctive contributions through regular and active involvement in programs, activities, and projects
  • Save Our Students award for online teaching at American Intercontinental University
  • Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence award
  • MBA Excellence Award

Specific Examples of Work Assignments:

• Researched the potential consequences of health system changes (e.g., health service utilization, health status, and health condition) at the state level using the National Health Interview for HRSA.
• Performed statistical analyses, designed and managed clinical trails, created analysis plans, and prepared written reports for several pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
• Designed direct data entry (DDE) and remote data entry systems for large global clinical drug trials.
• Performed several quality control audits of large statistical databases for Pharmaceutical companies, and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO’s).
• Designed and analyzed local union health and safety surveys for: Waterproofers and Allied Workers, Bricklayers and Allied Craftsman, Retired Roofers, IBEW, and LIUNA.
• Reconstructed and analyzed two American Council of Education surveys.
• Designed a study to measure interviewer bias associated with prior knowledge of a respondent’s disease status for a well-known tobacco manufacturer.
• Served as a study manager for several CATI and CAPI surveys, redesigned CATI system.
• Assisted with the construction of state data files from the National Health Interview Survey for NCHS, which protect respondent confidentiality and maintain analytic utility. Presented the new coding strategy in both presentations and papers.
• Designed a quality control audit process for a large drug manufacturing company.
• Created National Health Interview Survey analytical files from data sets created with CASES for IL.
• Analyzed several datasets for the American College of Cardiology with respect to disease prediction and evaluation of various heart disease indicators.

Career Highlights:

Senior Mathematical Health Statistician

Responsible for managing the creation and maintenance of statistical databases at HRSA. Managed all documentation, coding, and statistical programming related to BPHC databases. Provided consultation to HRSA staff on research methodology, experimental design, survey methodology, data collection, cost management, information technology management, and analysis procedures related to future and ongoing health care research studies. Reviewed methodological aspects of present and future protocols along with cost implications. Created methodological and cost related reports on the U.S. public health system across federal, state, and geographic areas. Designed health care-oriented research studies to compare different health identifiers across different demographics to highlight deficient target zones and necessary health care resources. Developed sections for proposals, RFPs, and reports to be used to by HRSA to obtain further resources for funding and health care studies. Provided training to BPHC staff as necessary for utilizing data and making strategic decisions based on analysis. Responsible for management/creation of all statistical analyses related to HRSA/BPHC public health research projects. Served as Project Officer for the Year 2000 User Visit Survey and Race Translation Study.

Statistical/Data Management Consultant

Responsible for all statistical and data management activities within the corporation including management of staff. Responsible for domestic and international marketing efforts. Provided technical support on a wide range of projects involving pharmaceutical, medical device, environmental, and epidemiological components. Supported technical projects with methodological/statistical components and provide consultant services relating to a variety of topics, including contraceptive medical devices, calcium channel blockers, environmental tobacco smoke, alcohol related health issues, hypertension, occupational exposures, drug manufacturing, and pharmaceutical trial design. Prepared reports on statistical and IT topics impacting the interpretability and usefulness of the results of scientific studies. Provided consulting services relating to a variety of statistical issues, including statistical process control, sample size, threats to internal external validity, reliability multivariate analyses, experimental design, financial analysis, and survival analyses. Provided expertise in survey/ questionnaire design, data collection modes, confidentiality, and analytical dataset construction. Conducted systematic reviews and meta-analyses on various health care issues. Responsible for the management and design of several global clinical trials requiring cultural, regulatory, and technological expertise. Worked directly with FDA on analysis plans and data collection issues. Responsible for determining the ethical, social, and legal ramifications of the results. Served as an expert witness on several FDA related submissions along with other corporate legal situations.

Consultant: Food and Drug Administration

Served as a special government employee and project manager for the Division of Cardio-Renal Drug Products. Managed a research project intended to better define the role of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) in a clinical development program for an anti-hypertensive drug. Responsible for managing all the statistical programming required to track, clean, code and develop a SYBASE analytical database. Designed global clinical trials and analysis plans for several medical device and pharmaceutical contracts, both domestic and international clients. Adhered to all regulatory and IRB guidelines. Assisted with the development of a meta-analytic strategy for combining several different source health data obtained from clinical research organizations and managed care facilities while maintaining data security and confidentiality. Performed all financial analyses necessary for strategic project management. Served as the communication interface between the private corporate Sponsor and the FDA. Testified for the FDA with respect to analysis procedures, data reliability, along with external and internal validity threats.

Study Manager

Served as a study manager for a variety of support services contracts, conducted for the National Cancer Institute, designed to meet the needs of a series of studies investigating the clinical epidemiology development of various cancers. Responsible for overseeing all of the data entry, medical coding, editing, and quality control procedures, including all managerial concerns for these data sets. Responsible for assisting the project director with all daily needs including documentation, reports, communications, financial reports, definition of health assessment variables, data management protocol, along with presenting implications for current and future cancer research studies.

Senior Health Research Statistician

Responsible for the management and statistical analysis of various epidemiological related research databases concerning the construction industry. Study issues included illness and injury associated with local unions for safety and health mandates. Designed local union surveys; supervised the data collection to be used in conferences; and maintained data warehousing and statistical software and hardware within the organization. Developed advanced procedures to identify specific related health injuries within geographic areas. Developed advanced analytical coding to identify a person without the use of social security numbers.

Statistical Consultant — Education

Served as a management consultant for the Montgomery County Head Start Transition Program. Responsible for the statistical analyses aspects of both quantitative and qualitative data. Consulted with educational researchers about experimental design issues, necessary coding software and hardware, legal restrictions, and cost related issues. Tested various hypotheses dealing with geographic, demographic, and psychological interactions; pretested instruments; assisted the field managers; and utilized statistical techniques such as factor analysis and cluster analysis. Utilized LISREL and several other multivariate analysis procedures to optimize the reliability, validity, and cost effectiveness of the obtained results. Designed reports to be used for decision making purposes.

Research Mathematical Statistician/Software Consultant National Institutes of Health

Consulted with the various scientists across the Institutes within the National Institutes of Health in a variety of health-related research areas involving the use of mathematical, statistics, experimental design, and computers. These areas included CLUSTER analysis, survival analysis, log-linear modeling, nonparametric tests, and reliability analysis. Responsible for supporting statistical packages such as SAS, SPSS, BMDP, and GAUSS. Demonstrated and tested the capability of various software packages. Designed clinical trials and assisted with the collection of the data. Presented the findings of the trials to the different Project managers and teams depending on the health-related trial. This involved all three phases of clinical trial design, human and non-human subjects, data collections, data warehousing, analysis, and presentation.

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